Winter Style: Lace-Up Sleeves and Over The Knee Boots


Lace-Up Sleeves Sweater and OTK BootsLace-Up Sleeves Sweater and OTK BootsLace-Up Sleeves Sweater and OTK BootsBack Lace-Up Sleeves Sweater and OTK BootsLace-Up Sleeves Sweater and OTK Boots

Tomorrow is officially Christmas Eve! I stayed up until 1am last night wrapping presents so I can spend more time with family during these next few days vs. locking myself in a hidden room to wrap (like years past). I always miss out on the living room laughs and fun because I waited until the last-minute to wrap presents… but not this year! Speaking of gifts, thank you for gifting me this beautiful lace-up sleeves sweater and over the knee boots!

Every winter, I search my closet for a comfy sweater that’s stylish and warm. I always find one or the other… it’s either very warm but I look like a stay puft marshmallow man or it’s really stylish and cute but not very warm. Thanks to The Mint Julep Boutique, this year I got a teal lace-up sleeves sweater that’s so warm. It also has pockets! A warm, stylish, lace-up sleeves sweater with pockets, Merry Christmas to me!

Also, how cute are these over the knee boots? I love black suede over the knee boots. These are so pretty and functional with a low heel so I can wear day or night. You can pair them with jeans, leggings or dresses. I just recently did a blog post featuring a buffalo plaid dress. You can view that beautiful red dress here.

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Lace-Up Sleeves Sweater

Top: shopthemint sweater | Pants: topshop jeans | Boots: shopthemint OTK boots | Sunglasses: tory burch

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