All Natural Candles Delivered Monthly

Vellabox Artisan Candle Subscription

Who is Vellabox?

Vellabox is an all natural monthly candle subscription. You get one 4oz artisan candle per month with 25 hours of burn time for only $10/month! Vellabox will send you the highest quality candle – non-toxic, lead free, hand poured, from the best companies in the country with a surprise gift each month.

What are the Subscription Options?

  1. Lucerna: One 4oz artisan candle per month + one surprise gift = $10/month
  2. Ignis: One 8oz artisan candle per month + one surprise gift = $20/month
  3. Vivere: One 8oz + 4oz artisan candles + one surprise gift = $30/month

Why I love Vellabox?

Did you know emotions and memories can be triggered by a simple sensory cue: smell? I love to sit in cozy PJs by the tree and smell the aroma of a candle. Brings back cozy memories of Christmas as a child. Candles make a home look, feel and smell cozy. My candle is the scent Burn to a Crisp Granma’s Pumpkin Pie from Burn Candle Company and it came with some delicious caramel and sea salt Halfpops as the surprise gift item.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Vellabox will accommodate special delivery requests. They will ship immediately, delay delivery, ship first box to a different address, or conceal initial box in discrete exterior packaging. They’re willing to work with you to help you gift a candle subscription however best fits your needs. That’s an accommodating company!

Visit Vellabox website for more details.

Thank you Vellabox for sponsoring this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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