The secret to successful fall photos!

Toddler Girl and Boy

Toddler Boy Tongue Out

Toddler Girl Close Up

Family photo at Silos

Toddlers in sunshine

Sitting kids

Mom and Daughter Love

Mom and Daughter Hug

Daddy and daughter smile

Daddy daughter tongue out

Dad holding dog

Golden hour mom in dress

Sunset husband and wife

Daddy holding son

Son sticking out tongue

Daughter hands up

Mom in front of sunset

Kids and doggy

Son walking toward mom

Mom sticking tongue out

Smiling kids

Family of Four Plus Dog

Golden hour

Family of four walking

Every year we take fall photos. It’s important to me to capture a family photo every year. I love to see how the kids grow bigger and change each year. We always have our dog with us, Oliver. He’s a member of the family so of course he’s in the picture. In the past, pictures were always pretty painful. The kids would cry, it would be over 90 degrees and we’d be late trying to rush pictures into a reduced 20 minute session. Before we walk out the door, my husband and I would be bickering because trying to get us all dressed and ready for ¬†pictures is chaotic. My son runs all over the house playing catch me if you can when it’s time to put on his shoes. My daughter thinks it’s time to twirl or ride her bike when it’s time to get in the car. Kids just don’t have a sense of urgency. I admire that!

But when it’s time to go… it can become challenging for a married couple to rally the team together. But, this year was different. I don’t know if it was because they’re 4.5 and 2.5 so they listen a little better or that I started getting everyone ready two hours before the shoot. But… there was no crying and the weather was perfect. We truly had the “golden hour.”

So, I would say the secret to successful fall photos is timing the photos at sunset. No matter the obstacles… the sunlight makes your photos truly shine bright. Also, start getting ready hours beforehand so when there are distractions, you don’t stress.

Outfit details are below.

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