Yellow Cold Shoulder

I love these pictures because it reminds me of a blog I read by the Hands Free Mama. The key takeaway is seeing the flowers instead of the weeds.. I am a mom to two toddlers. I find myself in a similar situation at times and she’s really helped me to see the flowers instead of the weeds. Here’s an excerpt from her blog, “When I started looking for “flowers” instead of “weeds” in our daily life, the positives became more obvious, and I quickly gained a new perspective. I realized much of what aggravated me was trivial. Much of what was supposedly “ruined” were things that could be fixed or cleaned up.  What mattered—that we were safe, healthy, and alive were thoughts that began to overpower the negatives.”  I highly recommend you read the blog! Hands Free Mama Blog Post. It really helps with perspective and makes you feel good that other moms out there sometimes get off course.


Ok, now outfit details.:)


I’m a very casual person. I love to wear jeans and t-shirts when I’m out and about with my kids. I love this outfit because it’s a more stylish top but still keeps it casual. Top is from H&M and it’s on sale for only $14.99! HM Yellow Cold Shoulder Top My jeans are from a Plano, TX boutique called Ella Bleu. I get ALL my jeans from there. They have a brand called Flying Monkey that is my ALL time favorite. I have every wash. I couldn’t find them on their website but they have a lot of cute jeans. Ella Bleu Bottoms. My shoes are also from Ella Bleu. My purse is from Louis Vuitton in Neiman Marcus. Lastly, as always, I’m wearing The Styled Collection Gold Ring and The Styled Collection Gold Bar Bracelet. Watch is from Target.



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